Back when we were a lad, and bikes were bikes with proper saddles, you had to boil water in your hands, using heat generated by the friction of your knees knocking together in the cold.
We were first family in our street to get an electric kettle when they came out – I remember now, all the neighbours were round to see it. Of course it was purely ornamental as we still only had gas in the house, but for a few months we were the talk of the town.
If you’d like to relive the bygone era of slightly less practical kettles, then this “traditional kettle” category is the kettle category for you.
We have no truck with the jug kettle, what with its modern merging of jug and kettle, and you can be damn sure if any of those new fangled coffee pod machines even show their faces round here we’ll be tutting at them and then sending them down the mine.

Just good old-fashioned, lid, spout, handle. You want to see how much water is left inside? Head over to the contemporary kettles you flash *******.

Playing this video will enhance your traditional kettle experience: