Hey you, yeah you with that fugly looking, dare I say – “traditional” kettle. What’s happened man? Are you still living in the 80s? You just know that when you invite people over they won’t be able to talk to you about the latest wallpaper magazine’s instructions for money spending because they will be transfixed by that thing, and rendered unable to talk.

A cutting edge technophile like you should be boiling up the zeitgeist and making a cup of the future in a kettle from this category. This is where it’s at – no run-of-the-mill function-first kettles for peasants in here, and you can bet your pension that you’ll need to part with 1 month’s salary to get one – think about the conversations that’ll start with your wallpaper buddies eh?

Better yet – don’t buy one of these. Wait a year until a new one that isn’t on this page comes out – then you’ll be buying a future kettle – now that’s contemporary (it’s technically not contemporary).