Where are you going? Stop! Take this handy travel kettle with you, and you’ll be able to boil water wherever there’s a fresh supply of electricity and water.  Just off to the shop?  Take it anyway, better safe than sorry.  Be prepared, that’s the cub scout motto, and they are well reknowned for having cups of tea available in any situation (just head down to your local scouting organisation, ask for a cup of tea and see what happens).

Anyway, these travel kettles are perfect for resolving the unavoidable regret that comes with not having a travel kettle in a situation where you might need one.  They’re usually a little smaller than your typical kettle, but perform the same function, so if you have a group of about 15 people travelling, you’ll need to fill it up a few more times than if you’d just bought a regular sized kettle, but nobody will mind waiting, you’re all having the adventure of a lifetime and a few more minutes wait for a coffee is simply more time to enjoy the scenery and local customs.  (Remember to take your own tea bags though, those foreign countries put all sorts of things in their tea. Fruit for example. Whoever though of that?)