Are you a ninja? An assassin? Perhaps a sniper, hiding behind a tree?
Remember that time you were desperate for a cup of coffee, pulled out your single serve nescafe sachet and plugged in your kettle only to find out moments later that it alerted the entire enemy compound to your presence?
It wasn’t fun, being chased by angry Alsatians across that snow-capped mountain was it? Lucky you knew how to hot-wire a snowmobile and make a parachute out of your bloomers.
Some of the loudest kettles are comparable in decibels to the noise made by an electric drill – not what you need first thing in the morning. Or whilst attempting to use stealth techniques to complete a top secret government mission.

The kettles in this section are suitable for most secret agent’s tea-making purposes, plus you may be able to use the steam they generate to reveal laser based booby traps, though we make no guarantees – don’t go giving our name out to super-villains when you’re dangling above that shark tank.