Cordless kettles – they still have a cord, these aren’t battery powered kettles from the future. It’s just that the cord goes to the base thing and the kettle sits on that, so you can still pick up the kettle and take it away from the base.
“How far can I take it though Kettle World?” We hear you ask, and the answer to that depends ultimately on how hot you are prepared to have your cup of tea. You’ll also need to factor in the ambient temperature, the amount of water, the size and material of the kettle.

Without that information available to us, and using no science whatsoever, we have to estimate that you wouldn’t want to carry your recently boiled kettle more than about 1km if you still want it reasonably hot (assuming you’re waking at a fairly brisk pace). So there you go, we’re not just a kettle selling website, we’re also a purveyor of poorly researched advice on thermodynamics. You can always buy a thermos flask if you’re taking your hot water further away than that, or a travel kettle maybe.

There are also the type of cordless kettles that are designed to sit on a fire or gas hob. There would be little point in adding a cord to those, except perhaps for decorative reasons. Those aren’t the kettles we have here.