It’s 6:30am and your alarm blares, harshly ending that dream about Salma Hayek right at the good part.
You risk a 10 minute snooze, even though you know it’s a futile extension of sleepy comfort at the expense of at least 10 minutes of pre-work personal hygiene.
Snooze ends and you accept your fate. Why did you stay up so late last night watching that rubbish on netflix? Do you still think it was a good idea now? Well do you? No, you don’t.
Bathroom, some form of clothing, and then onwards to the kitchen.

You approach the kitchen and it’s glowing a golden glow. My God, it’s beautiful. It’s your own personal sunrise, welcoming you to the new day ahead. A day full of possibility, heralded by a cup of tea, made with the boiling water from the yellow kettle that sits; luminous, optimistic and proud, next to the dull breadbin. Why did you even buy that breadbin? You never really use it anyway – chuck it out right now. ┬áRejoice in that yellow kettle decision and go out there and get ’em champ, this day is for you, and your yellow kettle.