“A Kettle’s a Kettle for a’ that” spake William Wordsworth famously as he set about making some delicious daffodil tea.
You’re probably on this kettle category because you understand that a kettle has a job to do and doesn’t need to be shiny to do it.
These things are simple ultimately, chuck some electricity through a heating element, it heats up, you make tea.

No frippery for you sir or madam, you prefer to spend your disposable income on life experiences, not appliances. Put the ¬£20 you’re about to save towards a mediterranean cruise, or a rave party in the Balearics (eh?-ed).

Plus if it breaks, you can just get a new one (not suggesting it’ll break of course, but if it breaks, you can just get a new one. ¬†From this great kettle website I found).

Maybe you’re buying this for your work and the boss said “just find the cheapest kettle you can” – if so, this is the place for you (depending on your safety criteria of course, you could probably get a second hand one online somewhere, but on this site we’re only interested in brand new cheap kettles). Besides, what’s your bosses face going to be like when you turn up with a second hand kettle? He/She will be thinking you spent the rest of the kettle budget on mars bars that you didn’t share, and ‘pop’ there go your chances of that promotion. I wonder if we should add a life coaching section to this website sometimes.