Want A Kettle?

We've got kettles.



Useful for coffee preparation.


A Perfect Gift!

A kettle for everyone!


Choosing a kettle is a difficult decision and one that needs to be approached with care. We’ve all known the trauma of picking the wrong kettle and ending up in an unhappy long-term relationship with it. You wake up in the morning, switch it on to make a coffee and it just glares at you with the (correct) insinuation that you’re hungover. Life is tough enough without a judgmental kettle.

So – you’ve been to the all-night garage, you’ve been to the bookies, you’ve been to the pub. None of them have any kettles for sale. It’s a nightmare. A global shortage that has been orchestrated by the kind of people who want you to know nothing more than tepid water.

Thankfully, we are the resistance.  We have kettles.  We can sell you those kettles.  Who are we?

Well, some people call us the space cowboys.  Some people call us the gangsters of love.  Some people call us Maurice.

Us? We prefer to be known as…

Kettle World